Square Group


The Out of Home Advertising (OOH) adventure of Square Group started in 1999 with our very first company Medya Pano.

Today, Square Group operates with the pleasure and pride of being a 100% national capital institution and helping global and local companies grow their business.

With our companies:

  • Medya Pano with our lightboxes, banners, metro shelter ads, billboards, panels, train coverings, and digital racquet advertising units that have become a part of the ongoing life and help us achieve effective results,
  • Tangram  with our spectacular global advertising units like wallscapes, parapets, and glass facades that have become a part of the city,
  • Maxi Media with which we ensure the establishment of efficient communication via our expansive network of advertising space deployed at Shopping Malls throughout Turkey,
  • AAR preferred by global brands and serves with CLPs, billboards, megaboards, and megalight advertising units, and
  • Media Port with which we offer – having the largest advertising coverage as for squaremeters throughout Europe - creative solutions for airport advertising via our LED screens, LCD screens, static panels, billboards, lightboxes, giantboards, and tailor-made booth spaces.

We - using new technologies swiftly and effectively - maintain our growth to realize the innovations and principles of indoor and outdoor advertising channels and widen our services to obtain better results every single day.

Our Mission:

With our unwavering decisiveness and inspiration, our main goal is to introduce the brands and/or companies at the right place and the right time and to the right target audience via a measurable data.

Our Vision:

To produce effective values for our advertisers of global and local companies by always monitoring new technologies and trends in the changing and developing, dynamic business world.

And without losing track of our ideals, to further develop our SQUARE GROUP brand, which we constructed with a disciplined strategy over a sturdy foundation.

Our Journey:

Everything started with our internal illuminated, large size advertising displays (lightboxes) (6x3) that had a widely extensive network in Istanbul.

We knew that we would be setting an arduous and a long-standing expedition when years ago we first assembled the ad displays which even today make the metro passengers have a more entertaining trip.

The years passing by have legitimized us on how innovative and how necessary the enterprise we founded was.

Similarly, for the first time in Turkey, creating a wider range for the OOH by building up banner advertisement spaces on lighting poles across the main and interim roads became the continuation of our initials.

We added Izmir, Konya, Trabzon, and Giresun to the cities we serve in the scope of our billboards and outdoor advertising units.

Our digital publications continue with screens at shopping mall networks (DCLP, LCD, and LED) that cover thousands of indoor square meters.

In 2019 we have been chosen as the sole authority of Istanbul Airport - one of the largest airports of the world – with our Ad Display Networks for canvas display units and thousands of square meters of digital screens of various sizes (DCLP - DMON - LED).

Our Team:

Observing the texture of the city, our experienced field teams meticulously maintain and position the spaces we cover with the latest technology of advertising units.

We maintain our escapade with always the same level of excitement with our employees who act analytically, are planning experts, always follow new technologies and developments, and many of whom have witnessed the establishment of our institution.

Our Group Company:

Always acts in line with our ethical principles and continues to grow with 20 years of experience, sparkling the cities, the shopping malls and the airports and adding value to Turkey with brand new projects.